Ferrymead Printing Society Preserving the passion for print

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Sundays / Steam Sundays
The Workshop and Whitcoulls Annex is open most Sundays from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Steam Sundays are the second Sunday in the month (starting 11 March 2018) and is a great day to visit Ferrymead as the Steam section has the steam train or tram running and usually one of the Societies has a special display or presentation.
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Members assist visitors with tours of the Printery or printing their name on a choice of Wanted Posters. They can try their hand at being a printer from 100 years ago, setting type and printing on our 130 year old Diadem Treadle Platen press.
We assist younger visitors make notebooks on a 3x5 Adana and create templates of their names on a 1920s Bradley Stencil cutter.
The Workshop / Whitcoulls Annex is also open most Thursdays with one or two members in attendance. If a week day suits you to visit the Printery, this would be a great day to come. It would pay to make contact first and arrange a suitable time to come and meet some of our great team.
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Our Support Partners. Check out more about them here
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