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Powered Platen Presses

We have been very lucky to have had a number of quality powered presses donated to the Society over many years. Most of these are still operational but we are always looking for experienced operators or mechanics who can help us get them going or keep them in great working order. These are regularly demonstrated to visitors or on special days.
Check out the list below.
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Brand: Heidelberg ʻwindmillʻ platen
Year: 1925
Serial No:
Donated By:
Comment: Very rare as it is within the first 3000 of this model ever made. Display only.
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Brand: Heidelberg ʻwindmillʻ platen
Year: 1928
Serial No:
Donated By:
Comment: Nearly 100 years old and still going well. Used regularly for die cutting.
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Brand: Thompson British Auto Platen
Year: 1948
Serial No:
Donated By: Gavin Tweedy
Comment: After initially copying the Heidelberg with its ʻpropellor gripperʻ system, the company was taken to court for patent infringement resulting in all early machines being destroyed. British Thomson came out before the war with this model which used a sliding sideways mechanism, instead of the whirling arms. Most of these models made after the war were assembled by the Alvis Car Company.
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Brand: Printomatic Stop Cylinder press
Year: 1946
Serial No: 620 B21
Donated By: Rex Bryant, Bryce Ltd
Comment: Made by SOAG Machinery Co, Lambeth, London. Currently non operational
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Brand: Miehle Vertical press
Year: 1948
Serial No: V_21505
Donated By:
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Brand: Heidelberg ʻwindmillʻ platen
Year: 1960
Serial No:
Donated By: Bryco
Our main workhorse. Used on a very regular basis and does a large amount of printing
We also have another 1948 Heidelberg ʻwindmillʻ platen in storage which is also in very good condition.
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Brand: Heidelberg KORA
Year: 1968
Serial No:
Donated By: Laurie Dempsey, Wilson Print, Rangiora
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