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Operating Printing Works in New Zealand

Thanks to Tony King for his help with this section.
The Printing Works - Cobblestones Early Settlers Museum, Greytown
Part of the Cobblestones Museum village complex. Winter Hours (Fri to Mon) request for
 groups and workshops at other times. cobblestonespw@gmail.com
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Wai-te-ata Press, Victoria University, Wellington
Apart from running printing courses, has an amazing collection of presses including an 1813 Stanhope, two other Albions, two Vandercooks, and an impressive collection of wood type as well as a number of other presses. Make contact and arrange a visit first!
Felt.co.nz (an article about two NZ letterpress printers - Craig Lucinsky (White Press) in Wellington and Clazena Squire (Tumbleweed Press) in Christchurch
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