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Treadle Platen Presses

We have a range of hand or foot operated presses of various sizes which are very handy for a variety of tasks.
Check out the list below.
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Brand: Diadem treadle platen
Serial No:
Donated By: Caxton Press
Comment: A very famous press - purchased by poet/ printer Denis Glover to set up The Caxton Press in the late 1930s. Note this had an electric motor kit added which was a popular conversion when electricity became available.
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Brand: Diadem Treadle Platen
Serial No:
Donated By: Christchurch Teacherʻs College
Comment: Same model as the Caxton Diadem. Donated back in 1975 in the early days of the Society and has generated a huge amount of money for the Society printing Wanted posters over 40+ years.
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Brand: Furnival ʻExpressʻ Platen
Year: 1904
Serial No:
On Loan from: David Fleury
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Brand: Chandler and Price "Pilot"
Serial No:
Donated by: Fuller Bros, Christchurch
These hand operated platens were designed for high schools and technical colleges - anywhere where they were teaching letterpress, as being hand operated, they were much safer than treadle platen.
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